Monday, September 26, 2005

What's in Your Wallet?

This is the catchy slogan of Capital One Mastercard. But do you know what's really in your wallet?

Last Wednesday, my wallet was stolen from my purse. In the short time it took me to discover the theft, report it to the police, and contact my bank, someone used my credit card. How much worse it could have been!

I have always kept a list of the contents of my wallet, just in case something like this should happen. I recommend it to everyone. Some of the things on my list (that you should consider for yours) include:

Credit card numbers, as well as the telephone number to call if the cards are lost or stolen

Debit card numbers

Driver's licence number, as well as car insurance policy

Health card number

Library card numbers

Video rental memberships

You need to carry only one credit card. If you have more than one, lock the rest away. NEVER carry your social insurance card (nor anything with your social insurance number on it)

As for credit card companies and their slogans, it is unforunately true that my VISA card is now everywhere I want to be!

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